Preparing Your Roof For The Melbourne Winter

Roofing Melbourne for WinterWinter months mean extreme cold, snow, and cold winds so it is important to prepare your roofing in advance. Getting a roof restoration service in Melbourne is one great way to prepare your roof for the winter.

Winterizing the roof serves several purposes. For one, it will protect you from the bitter winter cold but it also protects your roof. Winterizing the roof requires full roof restoration to ensure it will keep you comfortable throughout the winter and help cut down on the heating costs.

Winterizing can be a DIY task but it is important to take precautions for maximum safety. If you are not comfortable handling the task, you can hire professional roofing contractors to inspect and prepare your roof for the coming cold season.

Here is a simple roofing Melbourne checklist that your contractor should be able to perform:

Start with Roof Inspection

With a full roof restoration, your contractor should start by inspecting the roof for any signs of damages such as missing or damaged shingles and fix these. The roof shingles are quite resilient and will sustain the wintry onslaught. It is important to inspect the roof peaks and valleys as these are generally the most susceptible to damages from hailstorms, thunderstorms and other harsh wintry conditions.

Inspect the roof surface and check if it contains any punctures or tears that might need fixing. Your roofing specialist should also look at the pitch pans and counter flashings and check if they are loose, cracked or bent.

Check if there are any open seams or skylights that will also need some fixing. If there is a hole that is bigger than two inches, corrective action should be implemented as soon as possible as it is likely to get worse during the winter months.

Roof and Gutter CleaningGutter Cleaning Roofing Melbourne

Roofing Melbourne preparation for winter includes roof and gutter cleaning. Make sure these are cleaned properly before the onset of winter. Look beneath the shingles for any signs of algae growth as these are likely to expand in the freezing winter temperatures and expose the materials used in the roofing structure to the elements that may exacerbate the damage.

Inspect the gutters for any sign of clogging, rust or damages. The gutter is critical to ensuring the integrity of the roofing so if they are clogged or damaged, water is likely to seep into the timber used in the support structures and into the foundations of your house which can cause serious long-term damage. Before the onset of the first snowfall, make sure that the gutter is in good shape and is properly cleaned. You should also clean the downspouts well before winter begins.

Inspect the Attic Insulation

Melbourne Roof Restoration for Winter: Thermal InsulationThe attic insulation of your home will acquire a critical importance during winter. Thermal insulation offers very efficient temperature regulation, helping you keep warm during the winters and cool during the summers. Inspect your attic insulation to make sure that it is in excellent shape.

You should also be evaluating if you have sufficient insulation for the winter. You can hire professional wall cladding specialists to inspect the attic insulation for you.

If the attic insulation is mouldy or damp, remove it and replace with new insulation. The insulation should not cover any of the vents; it should only cover the eaves. If the vents are covered, you will block off the much-needed ventilation on your premises. If you are utilizing loose fill insulation, you should ensure that it is distributed uniformly.

By adding the required insulation on your premises, you will be able to enhance the energy regulation, save on energy, and boost the overall comfort of your home. Good insulation will also offer sufficient protection on your roofing system. Check the local requirement for attic insulation and make sure it is adhered to.

Get rid of overhanging tree limbs

Overhanging limbs can be hazardous during the winter. Once they are heavy with snow, they will come crashing down on your roofing and cause serious damage to the roof in the midst of winter. Even if the tree limbs look healthy, trim them off in order to ensure they are not hanging over your roofing. The last thing you want is grappling with an emergency roof repair in the midst of a heavy snowfall.

Inspect the flashing for signs of wear

Have your roof flashing inspected for any signs of wear during the fall. Do not postpone the task until spring especially if you live in an area where it snows heavily. The roof flashing will be critical to maintaining the integrity of your roof especially when it comes under heavy snowfall. Inspect it thoroughly and carry out the necessary repairs to any damaged areas. Otherwise, water is likely to seep through the damaged areas of the flashing and cause more serious damages in the interior of your home. Damaged flashing will pose a serious problem where you experience a freeze and thaw cycle during the winters.

Contract Professional Roofing Inspection

You may not always notice all the damages on your roofing so it is always advisable to hire professional roofing contractors who can carry out comprehensive inspections and repairs on your roofing.

If you have not done any of this before, don’t attempt to do it on your own even if a DIY roofing project might be a little bit tempting. Not only will you be risking life-threatening injuries from an accidental fall, you might also damage the roofing shingles and tiles if you are not familiar with the delicacy needed to walk on top of a roof.

Other activities that you can take to winterize your roofing include the following:

  • Check areas where the caulk has wrinkled and then remove and replace them
  • Lookup loose or damaged shingles and then repair or replace them
  • Where there is loose shingles or asphalt, apply some roofing cement under them to hold them in place

That wraps up our roofing Melbourne checklist for the winter. We hope you found it helpful. Getting a full roof restoration before winter hits Melbourne can add value to your roof and save it for many winter months to come.

What other preparations do you make on your roofing ahead of the biting cold winters? Let us know in the comment section.


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